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Welcome to the Global Support Network

Global Support Network is a white labelled, non branded internet based virtual global online assistance network - that uses real time live chat and/or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone technology embedded into web sites, where potential consumers can chat or using a range of international 'In Country' local phone numbers, where potential customers can call a live consultant for travel assistance in making their reservation/s - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week regardless of time zones and languages that can be included in the 'Contact Us' page of their web site.

Examples of Global Support assistance on a website -

     -  New Zealand Bus Services
     -  New Zealand Ferries
     -  New Zealand Bus Fares

     -  Click Book Go Reservations

Global Support Network is also available in 'Phone Only' option where a travel or tourism supplier or operator can use an internet based PABX VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system using 'In Country' PSTN (Public Service Telephone Numbers) from 44 countries, allowing their customers to call them via the internet. All calls from these numbers would be free.

These ''In Country' phone numbers can be advertised on the tourism, travel operator or supplier website increasing potential earnings and providing customer support.

The Global Support Network is designed for tour operators, wholesalers, online travel agents,  websites, travel agents, etc,  to provide phone and/or chat assistance from their website or any home based business.

So if you would further information concerning Global Support Network , please contact us for further details.


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